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Showing all 16 results

Showing all 16 results

Milka Cake&Choc 175g

Milka Choco Biscuit 150g

Milka Choco Cookie 135 g

Milka Choco Cookie with nuts 135 g

Milka Choco Cookie with raisins 135 g

Milka Choco Grain 126g

Milka Choco Moo 120g

Milka Choco Wafer 150g

Milka Cookie Loop 132g

Milka Jaffa Choco Mousse 128 G

Milka Jaffa Orange 147g

Milka Jaffa Raspberry 147g

Milka Lila Choco Sticks 112g

Milka Sensations 156g

Milka Soft Cake Brownie 150g

Milka XL Cookies Hazelnut 184g